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MSECA Meeting - Clarifying Waste Regulations in a Murky World
Tuesday, February 27th

At the February MSECA Meeting we will have presentations on waste regulations & solutions with topics that will include:

  • Updates on how IDEM administers Contained-In determinations
  • Learn how contained-in policies can help with remediation
  • Recommendations for planning/preparing to manage IDW
  • What to do now that you've generated IDW.
  • Case studies involving contained-in and LUST situations.


MSECA would like to thank the following sponsors for their support:


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MSECA Webinar - Few Simple Forensics Methods Helped PRPs to Pay No More than Their Equitable Share of Clean-up Costs
Thursday, March 22nd

This presentation will provide an overview of applications, benefits, and limitations of few simple yet well-established and scientifically defensible forensic methods that can reveal trends and additional information hidden in the existing field data. By using these tools in harmony along with the Site historical information (i.e., aerial images, insurance maps, historical practice documents), a more informed and nuanced understanding of many contaminated sites have been provided. Recent case studies will be presented where these forensic methods have been used to reduce a PRPís financial liability through various mechanisms including generating multiple lines of evidence to support legal strategies, identifying previously undistinguishable sources of contamination, and investigating the validity of claims provided by other parties.


MSECA Webinar - Column Studies for In Situ Remedy Design and Evaluation
Thursday, April 5th

Column studies can be an important supplement to batch trials by evaluating potentially viable remedies under dynamic (flowing) conditions at soil to water ratios representative of in situ conditions. They are typically used to assess in situ stabilization remedies that are implemented below the water table as emplaced permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) or injected permeable reactive zones (PRZs). Columns can be applied to both aerobic and anaerobic settings with appropriate sample collection and handling. Soil and groundwater sample requirements are greater than batch studies. Column results can be used to assess in situ stabilization robustness and longevity, and reagent content and residence times of PRBs and PRZs.


Fundamentals in Environmental Consulting

MSECA's Fundamentals Series of on-demand video provide an opportunity for those starting their career in environmental consulting to obtain the foundational knowledge they need to be successful. Convenient education you can access on your schedule and economical at only $25 a presentation.

Current Fundamental Modules:

  • Communication Skills
  • Hydrogeology
  • Soil Classification


Call for Speaker Submissions

Do you have an educational session topic you would like to see MSECA offer? All MSECA members and industry leaders are invited and encouraged to submit education session proposals for the various types of programs MSECA offers throughout the year. Please feel free to forward to non-MSECA industry experts who you feel would be good presenter options for MSECA.