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E-Tank has the expertise and equipment to design and supply onsite filtration systems for contaminated water. This includes removal of suspended solids as well as contaminants such as heavy metals, PCBs, VOCs, PFAS, etc. In this solutions series event, E-Tank will detail step-by-step—from receiving an inquiry to project completion—how they provide turnkey filtration solutions while focusing specifically on a project they’ve completed that involved water contaminated with heavy metals.


Andrew Morris, Jim Busch, & Adrian Eriksen, E-Tank

Andrew Morris, Regional Account Manager, joined E-Tank in August 2020. Andrew’s experience in the environmental industry began in 2013 and includes waste transportation and disposal as well as industrial services. Jim Busch, Director of Sales, has been with E-Tank since 2010 and served as the first Regional Account Manager in Indiana from 2012 to 2019. Adrian Eriksen, Pump & Filtration Division Manager, joined E-Tank in 2014 and is an integral part of the design and execution for all filtration projects E-Tank performs.


Virtual Social

Our Solutions Series Presentations will be hosted on an interactive platform that allows attendees to move freely from "table" to "table." This is not just another Zoom. It enables small group discussions with the ability to "move" around. So please join us before and after the presentation for the opportunity to socialize and network with other Environmental Professionals.

"Know Before You Go" Guide on the Remo Virtual Platform



Virtual Presentation


March 11th

Virtual Lunch Social Time

Presentation and Q&A

Post Presentation Social Time