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Indoor air quality is a substantial health and regulatory issue, and the installation of vapor mitigation systems for existing structures can be a significant challenge. Low-flow, negative pressure systems can be installed by penetrating the building floor, completing shallow vapor points and connecting the vapor points to a “whirly bird” on the building roof. This approach, although popular, is more like a patch or band aid to the problem as remediation is not occurring.

Horizontal wells are an efficient way to provide BOTH a negative pressure barrier beneath the slab while ALSO driving the remediation process forward by removing a meaningful amount of contaminant mass.

Horizontal/directional drilling (HDD) has been utilized in the environmental drilling industry for the installation of monitor and remediation systems since the late 1980’s. Refinements in drilling equipment, steering/locating technology and blind well construction methods are providing consultants and building owners a beneficial option for removing vapors from below a building slab.

David Bardsley, PG, Directed Technologies Drilling

David Bardsley, PG has over thirty-six years of environmental drilling experience working in a variety of settings across the United States. He started his career as a drill rig helper advancing through various technical and managerial positions in both small and large drilling companies. He was an early leader in the use of horizontal directional drilling and well installation methods to solve environmental and water supply challenges.

Mr. Bardsley has a B.S. in Geology & Geophysics along with a Communications Minor (1984) from the University of Missouri-Rolla. He is a licensed well driller in Texas, Arizona and Louisiana and holds RG/PG certifications in TX, MO, LA, and TN.

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