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Traditional ASD OM&M typically consists of regular, and costly, on-site visits (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually) to assess operating conditions. Periods between visits present potential undetected failure and exposure for occupants. The Vapor Sentinel™ Remote Monitoring System adds 24/7/365 telemetry monitoring to ASD systems to eliminate on-site OM&M challenges and potential performance gaps, resulting in a high degree of certainty that a vapor mitigation system is constantly protecting building occupants. Liability is reduced with defensible data demonstrating current and historical performance to all stakeholders. Case studies provide a comparison of continuous telemetry illustrating system performance impacted by weather and building construction.

Chris Bonniwell Ph.D., LPG, Protect Environmental

Dr. Bonniwell is the Director of Products for Protect Environmental, a nationally recognized provider of radon and chemical vapor intrusion mitigation solutions. He has over 13 years of professional environmental experience as both a state regulator (Indiana) and an environmental consultant, and is a licensed professional geologist in Indiana and Wisconsin. Combined with an extensive background in industrial manufacturing, his experiences provide multiple perspectives on all aspects and challenges associated with the investigation and remediation of environmental impacts, particularly as it pertains to vapor intrusion.

As an Indiana state regulator, Dr. Bonniwell provided geologic technical oversight to the investigation and remediation of 100+ environmentally impacted sites, and was a contributing author to current regulatory guidance. As an environmental consultant, Dr. Bonniwell has served as Senior Project Manager and Technical Director for the design and management of investigation and remediation activities at numerous sites in the Midwest impacted by metals, petroleum products, and chlorinated solvents.

Dr. Bonniwell regularly participates on and contributes to state and national workgroups on numerous aspects of developing regulatory guidance and standards, with particular emphasis on the investigation and mitigation of vapor intrusion.

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Our Solutions Series Presentations will be hosted on an interactive platform that allows attendees to move freely from "table" to "table." This is not just another Zoom. It enables small group discussions with the ability to "move" around. So please join us before and after the presentation for the opportunity to socialize and network with other Environmental Professionals.

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