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Soil Gas Virtual Meeting

Hosted by the Midwestern States Environmental Consultants Association

Join us for five great presentations on Soil Gas and a panel discussion with all the presenters to wrap-up the event.

Virtual Meeting Agenda:

8:00 AM

Virtual Breakfast & Exhibit Hall

9:00 AM

R2 and Soil Gas: IDEM’s New Guidance Framework
Sarah Finley Johanson; Indiana Department of Environmental Management

9:30 AM

Soil Vapor Transport and Collection – Keys for Reliable Assessment
Dr. Todd McAlary; Geosyntec Consultants

9:55 AM

Ensuring Data Quality When Conducting Soil Gas Investigations
Will Elcoate; Alpha Analytical, Inc

10:20 AM

Break & Exhibit Hall Time

10:50 AM

Advancements in Quantitative Passive Sampling Methods for Vapor Intrusion and Site Investigations
Harry O’Neill, Beacon Environmental

11:20 AM

The Use of Passive Soil Gas and Active Soil Gas Sampling to Investigate for Suspect Vadose Zone Source Areas
Dr. Richard H. Christensen, Jr., Acuity Environmental Solutions, LLC

11:45 AM

Soil Gas Panel Discussion

12:30 PM

Virtual Lunch, Exhibit Hall, & Networking Time

1:30 PM


*All times are EST

Thursday, May 13th
8:00am - 1:30pm



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Virtual Meeting Presentations:

Soil Vapor Transport and Collection – Keys for Reliable Assessment
Dr. Todd McAlary; Geosyntec Consultants

Presentation Description: This presentation will summarize information that practitioners should be aware of before conducting an assessment of soil vapor concentrations as part of an assessment of potential human health risks attributable to subsurface vapor intrusion to indoor air for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), including basic principles of vapor transport and fate, soil gas probe construction, purging and sampling and quality assurance/quality control considerations for minimizing leaks, documenting representative samples, and interpreting information during the conduct of field sampling activities.

Presenter Bio: Dr. Todd McAlary has been the Practice Leader for Vapor Intrusion Services at Geosyntec Consultants for 23 years. He studied vapor diffusion for his Master’s thesis and passive sampling for his Doctoral dissertation, and has performed original research on High Volume Sampling, Building Pressure Cycling, Subslab pneumatic and tracer testing, mathematical modeling and compilations of background source data and empirical attenuation factors. He has co-authored over a dozen guidance documents on Vapor Intrusion. He is also an Adjunct Professor and has taught undergraduate students on a part-time basis for 17 years.

R2 and Soil Gas: IDEM’s New Guidance Framework
Sarah Finley Johanson; Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Presentation Description: An overview of why IDEM now plans to request soil gas evaluations and what, in general, IDEM expects for an initial soil gas delineation.

Presenter Bio: Ms. Sarah Finley Johanson is a senior geologist at IDEM. She has a BS in geology from Ball State and an MS in geology/stratigraphy from University of Akron. At IDEM she works on glacial hydrology, contaminant transport in manmade preferential pathways, and multi-source chlorinated solvent plumes. Part of her job entails writing and editing technical documents, and she recently helped rewrite the geologic sections of the IDEM remediation closure guidance. She also teaches part time at IVY Tech Community College and enjoys helping students learn about geologic principles.

Ensuring Data Quality when conducting Soil Gas Investigations
Will Elcoate; Alpha Analytical, Inc.

Soil vapor data collected by active soil gas sampling is a valuable tool in site assessments where VOCs are present. In conjunction with soil and groundwater data, it is use to evaluate the location of the source(s) of contamination; extend of subsurface migration of VOCs through the vadose; the extent of a contamination vapor plume; identify the edge of a contaminated groundwater plume and determine the subsurface vapor concentrations near and under buildings that pose a potential health risk to the occupants.

The presentation will discuss:

  • Types of soil gas samples, location and purpose
  • Review of procedures and materials to avoid sample quality impacts
  • Overview of sample collection procedures
  • Sample media and how to use
  • QA checks; leak check and shut in check to ensure sample integrity
  • Analytical Test methods and reporting

The collection of representative samples of useable quality will provide confidence in decision making when conducting a site assessment.

Presenter Bio: Mr. Will Elcoate is Air Product Manager with Alpha Analytical and has over 30 years of experience in the environmental laboratory industry including laboratory operations and project management. Will received a BSc. Chemistry from Bath University, Avon UK. Will worked as a Chemist in the copper mines of Zambia and in the Industrial water treatment industry as a product development and technology scientist. Will has over 30 years’ of experience in the environmental laboratory industry; focused for the past 15 years on vapor intrusion, soil vapor, indoor and ambient air testing. He possesses significant experience in State and Federal project management, programmatic compliance, data usability, and regulatory requirements. Will is a subject matter expert concerning the air testing industry, regulations, and technical guidance. Will has presented at technical conferences nationwide on a range of subjects including vapor intrusion, landfill gas, air analytical methods and air sample collection techniques.

Advancements in Quantitative Passive Sampling Methods for Vapor Intrusion and Site Investigations
Harry O’Neill, Beacon Environmental

Presentation Description: The presentation will cover the use of passive samplers to provide time-weighted average measurements of VOCs and SVOCs over days or weeks to assess vapor intrusion risks and characterize sites. The ability to more easily collect long duration samples overcomes the challenges of both the temporal variability of vapor concentrations and collecting a sample under a vacuum instead of under steady state conditions, which is more representative of actual soil vapor concentrations. The use of passive samplers to sample soil vapor, sewer gas, indoor air, and ambient air will be discussed.

Presenter Bio: Mr. Harry O’Neill is the President of Beacon Environmental and has managed soil gas and vapor intrusion investigations for more than 20 years, working on federal, state, and commercial projects throughout the United States, as well as internationally across more than 40 countries spanning across all seven continents. Under his direction, Beacon Environmental has achieved DoD ELAP, NELAP, and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for the analysis of soil gas and air samples to target trace concentrations of organics using sorbent samplers. He has been on the forefront of the acceptance of passive sampling technologies at the national and international level and has managed the implementation of thousands of soil gas and air sampling surveys. He is a founding member of the Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals and is the lead author of ASTM Standard D7758: Standard Practice for Passive Soil Gas Sampling in the Vadose.

The Use of Passive Soil Gas and Active Soil Gas Sampling to Investigate for Suspect Vadose Zone Source Areas
Dr. Richard H. Christensen, Jr., Acuity Environmental Solutions, LLC

Presentation Description: Confidential Commercial/Industrial Building (Site) located in the Southwest. The Site has been in the RCRA program for more than three decades and is active remediation by way of a groundwater extraction and treatment system. Asymptotic conditions in the groundwater remediation system (GRS) suggested to the State agency that additional on-Site vadose zone impacts existed. The State agency requested an expansive vertical soil vapor assessment to evaluate for other potential on-Site source areas. The objective was to identify and delineate sources of trichloroethene (TCE) and 1,1,1-trichloroethane (TCA) in the soil vapor, evaluate human exposure risk and potential contaminant mass, and develop a remedy.

Presenter Bio: Dr. Richard Christensen, Jr. LPG is a Principal Hydrogeologist at Acuity Environmental Solutions (AcuityES) located in Fishers, IN. He obtained his BS in Geology from Grand Valley State College in 1984, his MS in Hydrogeology from Western Michigan University in 1987, and his PhD in Science Technology and Society (STS) from the Union Institute and University in 2004. He has worked at AcuityES for the last 12 years and his clientele include International and Fortune 500 firms, manufacturers, and law firms. His expertise is investigation and remediation of recalcitrant chlorinated solvents and heavy metals.