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Call for Presentations

Abstract Proposals

MSECA's primary mission is promoting the professional development of our members through education so we're always looking for new presenters, topics, and content that would be interesting to Environmental Consultants.

Abstract Requirements:

If you are interested in presenting at a MSECA meeting or a webinar, please provide MSECA with an abstract containing the following information. Proposals will be evaluated based on this criteria.


Concise, Accurate, Interesting/Memorable


Describe your session in 100 words or fewer. In your description, please think about how the attendee and their company will benefit from the information you are presenting.

As long as the presentation is primarily educational and scientific in nature, non-ďsalesĒ presentations of product / service solutions are permissible. PLEASE accurately state this in your description. Our attendees donít mind solutionsí explanations as long as they know thatís what it is going to be.

Learning Objectives

Please list three most important things that attendees will take away from this presentation. This information will greatly aid MSECA in promoting your presentation.

Target Audience

Who is your intended audience? Our membership ranges from people just getting into the field to consultants with 20+ years of experience. MSECA is comfortable with having presentations that range from introductory to advanced education but itís very important that the audience knows what to expect.

Presentation Length

How long, without Q&A time, will your presentation last? Concise presentations are more than acceptable but itís important for scheduling purposes that we accurately know the length.

Presenter Bio

Name(s), experience, and qualifications of the presenter(s). Bios under 200 words tend to work best. This information will be used in promoting the webinar and for introducing the presenter.

Abstracts should be submitted to info@mseca.org.

We welcome any suggestions about presenters in our field; please feel free to forward suggestions to†info@mseca.org.

The Process:

  1. When an abstract is received, an acknowledgment is sent.

  2. Additional information may be requested if there are any questions about the information that may be contained in the presentation.

  3. Following review by the MSECA Professional Development Committee and/or the appropriate MSECA staff, a decision is made on whether to move forward on scheduling the presentation.

  4. The Committee and/or Staff will then work with the presenter to schedule either the webinar or which MSECA event we'd like to have the presentation.