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2020 Environmental Conference

December 2nd, 3rd, 9th, &10th, 2020
Sponsorship Opportunities

Conference Sponsorship - $200.00 (Associate Member) / $350.00 (Non-Member)

  • Your company’s logo will be displayed and it will be linked to your web page on:
    • The MSECA home page,
    • The Conference event page,
    • Emails promoting the Conference,
    • Our virtual meeting platform.

  • Your company will be recognized and your logo displayed before each presentation and at the beginning of each presentation recording.

  • Your company’s logo will be included on the break slides.

Add-ons for Conference Sponsors:

Virtual Exhibitor - +$200.00

    • Virtual Exhibitors will have a special Exhibit Space on the virtual platform where attendees can visit you for a video chat about your products / services.
      • Includes your logo (209 x 87px) that when clicked on brings up an advertisement (435 x 300px) that has a link to your website (or a webpage of your choice).
      • If you'd like a demo of the virtual platform, contact us at info@mseca.org, and we'd be happy to show you what it looks like.

    • As a Virtual Exhibitor you can send attendees (up to 4) from your company to all the educational presentations.

    • As a Virtual Exhibitor you send attendees (up to 4) from your company to all our networking / social sessions.

Highlight Sponsor - +$200.00 each or +$500.00 for all four days

    • Have a 30 second mp4 video about your company aired before one of the presentations:
      • MSECA can help you create the video if you do not have one already and we'll provide you with a file of the final version for future use.
      • You can choose during which day(s) / topic(s) your video is aired:
        • 12/2 - PFAS
        • 12/3 - Site Investigation
        • 12/9 - Environmental Law
        • 12/10 - Vapor Intrusion
      • Or you can have it aired all four days at a discounted rate.

    • MSECA will also make a special LinkedIn post thanking you for your support that includes a link to your video.

Solutions Sponsor - +$300.00 each presentation

    • Conduct a 15 minute presentation providing Consultants with a solution to a problem your company can solve.
      • This series of presentations is going to be marketed as the "Solutions Series" so the only requirement is that the presentation & the presentation description address a question or a problem faced by Environmental Consultants.
      • You can choose which afternoon your presentation will be scheduled for:
        • 12/2 - PFAS
        • 12/3 - Site Investigation
        • 12/9 - Environmental Law
        • 12/10 - Vapor Intrusion

    • You'll have a special virtual lounge area where you can answer questions and interact with attendees after the presentation.

    • MSECA will send out at least one email and make at least one LinkedIn post promoting your presentation. 

    • After the Conference, MSECA will promote your presetation by:
      • Sending out a link to the recording of your presentation to all attendees.
      • Posting a link to your presentation on LinkedIn



We are happy to work with you to create a unique sponsorship and branding opportunity as well.
Please contact Brian Lewis at blewis@mseca.org to discuss further ideas and opportunities.