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Promote your Membership

MSECA encourages our members to use our "member" logo in conjunction with advertising and promoting your company. We feel that your membership with MSECA shows the value your company places on continuing education and your commitment to making sure your employees are up to date with the lastest industry advancements. Your dedication to education and professional excellence is something that is worth telling people about.

MSECA Logos for Member Use

By using the MSECA Member Logo you are stating to anyone who might see it that you:

  1. Have agreed to abide by the MSECA Code of Ethics.

  2. Are a Current MSECA Member in good standing.

  3. Agreed to the MSECA Logo Usage Policy for Members.

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MSECA_Member_Logo.jpg MSECA_Member_Logo_Gray.jpg

Logo use guidelines:
  • When used online the logo should be linked to:
  • Only the logos above may be used
  • No part of the logo may not be altered or changed
  • Logo may be resized but the ratio must remain 4:5

If you have any questions about using the MSECA Member Logo, please feel free to contact us at info@mseca.org or at 317-735-4005.

Logo Usage Policy for Members

The Associationís logo is a trademark and the property of MSECA. However, MSECA grants a license to use the MSECA logo to its members in good standing. Only members who have maintained their paid membership in the Association can use the MSECA logo. Members are not authorized to use any other logo or trademark that is the property of MSECA.

Members in good standing are authorized to use the MSECA logo for the purpose of identifying their membership in MSECA. The MSECA logo may not be used in any manner to imply that a member is in any way an agent of MSECA or that MSECA in any way warrants, approves, or endorses any product or service provided by the member.

The MSECA logo can be used on memberís business cards, letterhead, and promotional materials (including electronic means such as websites). Any other use of the MSECA logo not specifically enumerated must be approved by MSECA. Individual members are prohibited from allowing their employer to use the MSECA logo on the employerís letterhead or promotional materials. Any employer who does so will be subject to trademark infringement liability.

The MSECA logo shall be made available to the members in good standing in a full color and gray scale. The logos may be adjusted for size but otherwise shall not be revised or altered in any way.

The right to use the MSECA logo shall terminate and be revoked upon the memberís failure to remain in good standing, in the event of misuse by the member as determined by MSECA, or any other breach of this Usage Policy. Upon such termination and/or revocation, the member will eliminate the use of the MSECA logo from all materials, products, and services, regardless of whether such materials, products, and services are preprinted or pre-existing at that time.